Trakart Cultural Center &              Trakart Research Center
Single ticket  8.00  BGN
Combined ticket for students  5.00  BGN
Cobined ticket for retired people  5.00  BGN
People with disabilities free



VIP 10.00  BGN



The entrance fee in Trakart Cultural Centre-Museum includes:

-a lecture on the peristylish dwelling “Eirene”, having Roman floor mosaic (marble floor) “in situ” from III – IV century AD – techniques and symbols.

-a lecture on the exposition “Glass in Ancient Art”, tracing the different techniques in glass manufacturing from V century BC up to IV century AD.

-watching a film with 3D reconstruction of “Eirene” dwelling and the seven ancient fials: The Wisdom, Life.,The Earth, The Water, The Sky, Directions and The Choice, filmed under a microscope.

-A miniature Roman portrait from I century BC up to I century AD.

-Prorothracian portrait- eneolith and neolith.


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