Trakart Cultural Center

TRAKART has built, exposed and stored a priceless cultural heritage in “Arheologicheski” Subway,Plovdiv– Roman floor mosaics from II – IIIcentury AD.

In September 2003 there started the project for conservation and restoration of the antique mosaics in the residential peristylish building “Eirene” which is part of the Cultural Centre-Museum TRAKART.

For the restoration of this monument of culture of national and world significance, TRAKART has obtained a grant from the USA state Department, The Project has been realized with the close collaboration of Plovdiv Municipality and Plovdiv Archaeological Museum and ended in May 2004. The Cultural Centre-Museum was opened on May 24 2004, holding the European Forum of the Associations for the conservation of the European Cultural Heritage.Cultural cener - museum Trakart

TRAKART has at its disposal 500 square metres of exposition area, from which:

– 160 square metres “in situ” ancient Roman mosaic from III – IV century – peristylish ancient building “EIRENE”.

– A permanent exposition “Glass in ancient art”, tracing the development of glass manufacturing in the frames of 9 centuries- from V century BC up to the IV century AD.

– A permanent exposition “Protothracian portrait” which includes ceramic objects and vessels from the eneolith and the neolith- Cultura Maritsa.

– A permanent exposition “Roman miniature portrait” from the first century BC up to the first century AD. The visitors ofTrakartMuseumget acquainted with the cultural inheritance through a survey representation and a lecture course with a 3 D animated film.


A chamber hall holding 120 seats, situated in a authentic ancient atmosphere, a preferable place for concerts, book presentations, theatre performances, presentations and seminars.

In Cultural Centre-Museum Trakart there function the following schools:

-drama classes “Lyuben Grois” for children and young people under the guidance of Ivana Papazova and Stoyan Sardanov.



Cultural Centre-Museum Trakart realizes its social activity, supporting marginal groups through Trakart Foundation 2000

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