Trakart Research Centre-museum

Trakart Research Centre-Museum is a centre for studies, cultural tourism, social interactions, international exchange and opportunities for holding meetings, seminars and discussions. The four levels trace the evolving development through different eras by contemporary exhibited original movable cultural monuments from the only officially registered private collections in Plovdiv – the ones of the Trakart-2000 Foundation and the Vatevi Collection.

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Display Case 1 – Paleontology – Collection “Fossils” – “Time machine” – fossils, which give evidence of the epochs 150 million years ago. The opalised fossils of plant and animal species preserved today paint for us a vivid picture of life on Earth in ages which few of us can fully grasp.

Level I – Collection “Art from the land of the Dogon people”

The mystery is due to the symbolic meaning of the handcrafting rituals. The subjects in Dogon art include figures and masks. These are ritual masks for sacraments and ceremonies. The figures are sacred objects, brought to life by their mythology. The wooden sculptures and masks presented here are striking in their primordiality – underlined and reinforced by the energised magnetism of the exquisite plastic expression which carries a certain immediacy of expression, suggestive power and expression of form.

Level II – Collection “Prehistory – Maritsa Culture”

Maritsa Culture is an Early and Middle Chalcolithic archaeological culture in Thrace, a direct continuation of the Kaloyanovets Culture (Karanovo IV). The ceramic vessels are the most accurate “timepiece” of the late Prehistory. They carry information, which instructs us on the rituals, beliefs and traditions in manufacturing, form and decoration of the prehistoric man. The development of the ceramic forms and their decoration is a comparatively dynamic process, which depends on the natural resources available.

Level III – Collection Vatevi

Level III exhibits a small part of the Vatevi family collection – gathered in the span of several decades it contains around 5000 objects. We have chosen artifacts, which represent the ancient culture in our lands in the period I-V century c.e.: ceramic and bronze lamps with zoomorphic images, as well as a unique collection of chariot decorations.

Level IV – Collection “Prehistory and Antiquity” – „Trakart -2000”Foundation

Visiting hours: 10:00 to 18:00 Every day

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