International Conference

International Conference on “Bulgaria, the Balkans and the Circumpontic area: cradle of the Eurasian civilization”

The Institute of Free Researchers “Historeon” (IFRH), in collaboration with “TRAKART-2000” Foundation, announces a call for participation to the above event, which is part of the International Festival “Days of Thracian culture” – 2019.

Papers are solicited reporting interdisciplinary research in the following areas:
• The autochthonous population of the Balkans known as Pelasgians, Thracians, Cimmerians (a.k.a. Aryans, Proto-Indo-Europeans): their early ceramic technology mastering (pottery, cult objects), their early golden masterpieces, their plant cultivation and animal domestication efforts, their knowledge of astronomy, their metallurgy, religious beliefs, (proto)scripts, construction technology, first evidence of urbanization, etc.
• The Great Flood in the Black sea: the first (since the end of last ice age) known great natural catastrophe to cause large scale migration. New data and its implications.
• Origin of spiritual values, moral code and religious pantheon
• Oldest scripts related to the Balkans
• Linguistic aspects: Aryan Invasion Theory vs Out of India Theory; other vectors of traceable propagation
• Latest DNA data
• Aryan diaspora: links to Sumer, Persia, India and China; traces to Egypt, Crete, Etruscan world…
• Latest studies of the monolithic structures: pattern of spreading, tracing links to the west of the Balkan Peninsula
Venue: The conference will be carried out in ancient settings at the city of Plovdiv: The oral presentations will be held in “Trakart” Cultural Center with Museum, in which the recovered mosaic is exposed from a late anticity villa “Eirene,” and the conference chamber is in fact part of the museum’s entire space. The poster session will be held in
a hall that is a conserved part of the ancient Roman Stadium’s entrance.

Timing: Four days during the month of June, 2019, June 22-nd to 25-th, including:
1/ two days with papers delivered during four working sessions altogether are envisioned for Saturday and Sunday, (22-23).06.19;
2/ during the two days after that, Monday and Tuesday, (24-25).06.19, a tour of three to four sites of key archaeological and/or historical and/or spiritual importance will be organized for the group.
Arrival in Bulgaria should be planned for Friday, June 21st at the latest, and departure for Wednesday, June 26th at the earliest, for those willing to take the opportunity and join the group visiting the sites.
Remark: The official opening of the International Festival “Days of Thracian culture” – 2019 will be on 20.06.2019 at the Roman Stadium of Plovdiv.


Registration will be completed upon submitting your name, contact details and  remittance of a conference registration fee of € 50 to the banc account:

“Trakart-2000” Foundation                                                             BG95UNCR70001522949867

Please do not forget to fill in as reason for payment “Registration fee, Conference.” The registration fee will cover cost of conference materials, publishing of the Proceedings, coffee and refreshments.

Language: English and Bulgarian

Submission of papers: Enquiries and submission of papers should be directed to Ivan Daraktchiev, at Submission of extended abstracts, 2000 words, should be done by April 30th, 2019, in order to fix the final program by May 15th, 2019. The final versions of all papers should be handed to the Organizing Committe at the time of the Conference at the latest /in digital version/, in order to be included in the Proceedings.
Assuming all papers are provided at that time, the Proceedings will be dispatched to all participants by early August at the latest.
Organizing Committee:
PhD George Ivanov, PhD Atanas Orachev, PhD Martin Gyuzelev, PhD Dimiter Prodanov, Ivan Daraktchiev,


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