May 19th and 20th 2018 EYE HEALTH Festival

In May 2018, the third edition of the Eye Health Festival in Plovdiv was held.
The objectives of the project are:

  • To make the public aware of natural, environmentally friendly measures to prevent good vision as part of a comprehensive initiative in health, safety and realization of children;
  • To promote, improve and maintain eye health;
  • To create a favorable, accessible and creative environment for children’s development.
    The opening of the Festival took place on May 19th 2018 at 11 am in Trakart Cultural Center. The lectures of the program took place in the cultural center during the festival days. Educational games for children on the “The Magic World of the Eyes” trail took place on 19 and 20 May 2018 at Stefan Stambolov Square /The Buttons/.

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May 10th 2018 Exhibition “Be The INSPIRATION”

For the second year, Trakart Cultural Center hosted a charity exhibition in support of young non-professional artists up to 25 years of age, organized by Interact Club Plovdiv and Rotaract Club Plovdiv-Philippopolis.

The theme of the exhibition this year was “Be The INSPIRATION”. The students from Plovdiv, for whom the art is passion, hobby and vocation, participated with their own works – painting, graphics. The works that this year are over 50. Continue reading

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May 3th 2018 Third discourse of the cycle „HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND BEAUTY “ -“HOW THE TEETH TELL ABOUT OUR HEALTH“

In a third lecture, Dr. Veska Vasileva presented the topic “How the teeth tell about our health”. The topic was to raise the health culture of the audience as a whole. In details were presented the most common dental problems, the ways of their solution and prevention. Continue reading

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April 30th 2018 Concert of SILAKBO ensemble with visual installation

In 2018 is the 110th anniversary of the birth of the great French composer and classical musician, Olivier Messien. The Ensemble SILAKBO performed his emblematic “End of Time Quartet” written in the 1940s in a prison camp where the composer was held and premiered there on January 15, 1941 in front of an audience of 400 prisoners and guards. Messiah metaphorically shows through his work created by the texts of the Revelation of Sts. John (Apocalypse), his eyes on the world then – a world whose time is over. Continue reading

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April 27th 2018 Meditational Music Concert

On April 27, at the Cultural Center “Trakart” was held Concert of Mediation Music.

This is a concert with music that unites the depth of the ocean, the expanse of the sky and the rhythm of the universe, performed on zen duduk / udu / erhu, harp / happy drum.

The instrumental arrangements with meditative music are on the Celestial Ground group.

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April 12th 2018 – Premiere of the book “Woman, Embroidery, The City “

The Trakart Cultural Center and the Letera Publishing House presented the book “WOMAN, EMBROIDERY, THE CITY  from the traditional cultural technology to contemporary cultural practices “ by author Aksinia Buteva.
This edition is intended to familiarize the reader with the creation of teams of women who care for the preservation and creative transformation of the Bulgarian embroidery into the space of the city Continue reading

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April 8th 2018 – Resurrection – a new psychology of the world

Celebration on the occasion of the Resurrection of Christ organized by the Society “Way of Wisdom “

Resurrection – not a great day, but a great living.

This year, we celebrate Easter on April 8th, which, according to various sources, is the historic date of the Resurrection of Christ. Historical, because Resurrection is a real act that inspires and awakens mankind for more than 2000 years Continue reading

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April 5th 2018 – Second discourse of the cycle „HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND BEAUTY“ -“THE TRUTH ABOUT MEDICINE WITH LOVE“

On April 5th 2018 in Trakart Cultural Center took place the second discourse for 2018 from the cycle  „HEALTH,  HAPPINESS AND BEAUTY “ organized by FREE HOLISTIC ACADEMY IN BULGARIA

The topic of the discourse, ” THE TRUTH ABOUT MEDICINE WITH LOVE “, was presented by Dr. Galina Arabadzhieva. At the end of the lecture Hippocratic Oath was given by other speakers / founders of the Free Holistic Academy. Continue reading

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