15 March’18 “Triptych of Arts” by Stela Miteva – Dinkova and Matey Mateev

A wonderful night “Triptych of Arts” with amassing Stela Miteva – Dinkova (classic guitar) and Matey Mateev (painting and lyric-philosophical forms) in Cultural center “Trakart”.

Performances by Stela Miteva – Dinkova (classic guitar)

In the program music by: I. Albenis, F. Tarega, E. Villa-Lobos, K. Domen- manni and R. Balkanski

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13th March ‘18 – A lecture “THE UNITY OF MEN AND WOMEN”

Three years ago, Dr. Galina Arabadzhieva, with the support of the Trakart Cultural Centre, started a series of Lectures entitled “HEALTH, HAPPINESS, BEAUTY”.

The purpose of Dr. Arabadzhieva’s project was achieved as she acquainted the public with renowned representatives of holistic medicine and therapy, leading psychologists, psychotherapists, healers who have devoted their lives to human health and happiness. The people who took part in these lectures were Sabka Chehovich, Georgi Slavov, Rozalia Tinkova, Zhanet Orphanu. After a 2-year break and as a result of the training of Dr. Arabadzhieva in the East, the lectures continue with one of the most important subjects according to Dr. Arabadzhieva “THE UNITY OF MEN AND WOMEN”. This subject was presented by Dr. Galina Arabadzhieva – a holistic doctor together with the famous psychologist and psychotherapist Sabka Chehovich.

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10th March ‘18 A spring concert of the students of Divizi House of Musical Magic

The first Spring concert of the young students of Divizi House of Musical Magic was held on 10th March at the Trakart Centre. Before the coming of the spring, the youngest stars from the piano class of Diana Petkova, the percussions class of Desislava Gazeleva, the violin class of Albena Byandova and the recorder class of Ilka Pencheva first performed on stage and received your applause.

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9th – 11th March ‘18 “Weekend in Plovdiv” Show

Trakart, with its two museum areas located at the Trakart Cultural Center and the Trakart Research Center, is participating in a new project which allows the citizens and guests of Plovdiv to get in touch with the magic of the oldest living city in Europe.

The “Weekend in Plovdiv” Show is a new project of the Council of Tourism in Plovdiv, which enables the cultural institutions, the hotel and restaurant bases in Plovdiv to be active even during the so called “poor” tourist season in the beginning of each year. The organizers are planning to hold this event every year during the second weekend of March.

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5th and 6th March 18 The opening of an exhibition and a demonstration of а paper marbling technique

On 5th March at Trakart Cultural centre, the exhibition “Paper marbling” of Assoc. Prof. Shemseddin Ziya Dagla was opened. He is a university lecturer in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Akdeniz University of Antalia. Assoc. Prof. Shemseddin Ziya Dagla will arrive in Plovdiv at the invitation of the diplomatic mission to show us the magic of painting on water.

A demonstration of the paper marbling technique was made by Master Assoc. Prof. Shemseddin Ziya Dagla on 6th March at the Trakart Cultural Centre, Archeological subway. The painter acquainted the citizens of Plovdiv with the oldest art of decorating letters. The main organizer of the events included in the programme of Assoc. Prof. Shemseddin Ziya Dagla is the Consulate General of Turkey in Plovdiv.   Continue reading

3rd March ‘18 The premiere of the book “Love instruction” by Natasha Lazareva

The premiere of the book “Love instruction” was held on 3rd March at the “Trakart” Cultural Centre. The book is a psychology of love contained in 64 pages. It includes personal views and instructions for achieving not only long-lasting friendly relations but also deep loving and caring relationships. “None of the stated has been scientifically proven. However, it has been tested in real life. You can draw your own conclusions and may your inner voice rise above my own ideas about love and life as well as the ideas of the others and the worldwide concepts” Natasha Lazarova.

Suitable for both female and male readers, for people who have found love as well as for those still looking for it.    Continue reading

25 February 2018 Strength and Life – public readings before the Plovdiv community

On 25 February began the public readings of the Sunday Talks series, which the Teacher Petar Danov had given for 30 years – from 1914 to 1944. According to his own words, they set out all the principles of his teachings. The first talk was “Here is the Man”, given on 29 March 1914. The snowy Sunday and the words of the Teacher lifted spirits and minds to a brighter and purer reality.

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No Bulgarian heart remains unmoved once it hears of St. Stephen – the Iron Church in Istanbul. The remarkable Orthodox temple of St. Stephen is a sacred place which bears significance to the Bulgarians in Bulgaria, but twice as much to the ones abroad – in Macedonia, South Thrace, Greece, Turkey.  A temple of glorious past, boosting the confidence and pride of the Bulgarians in Bulgaria and all over the world.

The initiative of a group of patriots and public figures from Plovdiv – Luka Stanchev, Dr. Ivan Chomakov Todor Petkov, George Trak and the Civic Club, undertook a fund-raiser to restore the temple, whereas businessmen, artists, public figures and citizens contributed their mite. Specialists from Plovdiv restored the temple dome.

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