24th August 2019 A concert of “Right Here” choir from Germany

The a cappella choir “Right Here” from Germany celebrated its 4th anniversary in the home town of their conductor Vera Georgieva. “Right Here” is a new a cappella pop and rock choir founded in 2015 in the city of Bonn, Germany. It consists of a variety of 50 performers of all age groups. The repertoire of “Right Here” is quite varied. The enjoyment of the audience during the performance of their songs is the reward for their collective work. When asked about the name of the group “Right Here”, the members of the formation give the following answer: Continue reading

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31st July 2019 Summer artistic gathering of Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Organization – Vienna in Plovdiv

The artistic gathering of Cyril and Methodius Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Organization-Vienna was held at Trakart Cultural Centre – Plovdiv for the first time.

Over the last years, the activity of the organization has expanded and several artistic units were established as part of it, such as the literary workshop coordinated by Suzana Yordanova, Applause drama studio, whose director and artistic director is Lina Gladiyska-Georgieva and a mixed choir conducted by Maestro Bozhidar Abrashed. Continue reading

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29th July THE DOGONS – The defenders of the Spirit and the Light

A meeting was held at Trakartcentre with our long-anticipated guests from Mali/Africa – the Dogons.The group from Mali called “Tract-Mali” visited Plovdiv at the invitation and with the cooperation of Trakart-2000 Foundation and also at the invitation of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the International Folk Festival Plovdiv 2019. Continue reading

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21st July 2019 Public reading of a Sunday lecture given by the Teacher

Traditionally, there was a public reading of the Sunday lecture “The precious pearl” by the teacher BeinsaDuno.

Each lecture given by the Teacher reveals a new perspective of the world around us, transforms the inner state and gives an impulse to do the best we can in our lives for the benefit of everyone.

Lecture reader: Zlatko Pavlov

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5th July 2019 The unknown Latin rhythms

The concert entitled “The unknown Latin rhythms” of Prof. Dr. MadlenBachvarova (piano) – a lecturer at the Hannover College – Indiana, USA and YuliyaMarkovska (cello) – a lecturer at DobrinPetkov National School for Music and Dance – Plovdiv was very successful.

The programme featured the favourite Latin American rhythms of works of Astor Piazzolla, Hector villa Lobos, Carlos Gardel, Joaquin Nin that had never been performed in Bulgaria. 50 minutes of unique interpretation of the Latin American music played by two Bulgarian women who have deeply felt and manifested the style and the atmosphere of the Latin American music.

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4th July 2019 A solo performance of “The angel” ballet of AvataraAyuzo

A solo performance of the ballet “The angel”of AvataraAyuzo was shown at Trakart on the 4th July. The show called “The time, the place and the great loves” was part of the programme of the Chronotope Festival.

The festival (from 1st to 4th July) was held in various spaces of the Old Town of Plovdiv and at Trakart as well. The festival was opened with creative drama sessions – ZlatkaStankova and dance theatre – AvataraAyuzo. The texts of Shakespeare, Cervantes, Yavorov and Fitzgerald were selected in advance and turned into a script by Zlatka Stankova. The committee consisting of: YoanBaldzhiev – music pictures, Diana Cholakova – costume designer, AvataraAyuzo – chorographer, Chloe Hilear – artistic assistant and Zlatka Stankova – director selected the participants in the final performance “The time, the place and the great loves”. Continue reading

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