1 June ‘17 Meeting with Yuliyana Antonova, author of the book Moshi, Moshi, Japan

Ms. Yuliyana Antonova-Murata visited Plovdiv on 1 June 2017 at Trakart Cultural Center.

The exceptionally interesting stories of Ms. Yuliyana Antonova-Murata about life in the country of the rising sun and amazing experiences and people won real admirers of her inspiring book Moshi, Moshi, Japan. In it the author tells short stories from the daily life of the Japanese, how they communicate with each other and how they make their life more beautiful and easier. The stories in the book are an illustration, which makes us wish to use the magic “moshi, moshi” for us, too. “Excuse me, is there anything I can do for you?” and “May I help you?” are in fact that moshi, moshi that opens doors, hearts and fills our souls with nobleness and light.

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The Concert was organized by Trakart Cultural Center and was held at First Studio of Radio Plovdiv, 2 Dondukov St, Plovdiv

50 years of artistic activity

Andreana Turtova – violin
Nikolay Turtov – violin
Daniela Stoyanova – piano

In the programme:
Tartini, Gluck, Mozart, Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Raph, Massenet, Cherkin, Petko Staynov, Todor Popov

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20 May ’17 European Night of Museums and Galleries

Trakart Cultural Center and Museum welcomed the Improvviso Vocal Formation /Sofia/in the European Night of Museums and Galleries.

Improvviso Vocal Formation has existed since 2012. Its members are people from various walks of life  /an economist, a linguist, an engineer, an actress-director, etc./ What brings them together is their interest to sound, and in particular to human voice and its possibilities as a therapeutic and musical means of expression. The band leader is Assoc. Prof. Galina Popova, choirmaster and vocal teacher at South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad. Continue reading

18 May ‘17 “Try Coaching”- an open meeting

From 15 to 21 May was held the International Coaching Week. It is an annual tradition, which takes place in the third week of May as celebration of professional coaching.

This tradition was initiated in 1999 by the International Coaching Federation in order to increase the awareness of the mass public of the benefits from working with a professional coach and to demonstrate the effect of the coaching process. Continue reading

24 April ‘17 Premiers of the Bukvite Foundation

On 24 April, in Plovdiv, Trakart Cultural Center hosted the premiere of the new books-winners in the Poetry category at the 6th summer literary competition “Trailing the Summer” (Po stapkite na lyatoto) of the Bukvite Foundation.

This is a traditional competition and is now held for a sixth consecutive year in the summer (22.06-31.08. 2016). This summer the competition will be held for the seventh time. It is going to be conducted in two categories  – Poetry and Prose, and there is a special humoristic rubric called Let’s Drink Some Freedom (Na chasha svoboda).

Traditionally, the award for the winner is publishing their book. In the previous 2016 edition of the competition, there were two winners – Ekaterina Kostova from Plovdiv and Mariana Dafcheva from Asenovgrad. For that reason Plovdiv was chosen for the premiere of their books – The Words are Carrying Me (Dumite me nosyat) and Eyes for Sunset (Ochi za zalez).

8 April ‘17 “The Real Date of Resurrection”

The Way of Wisdom Society, together with 7 Lacha publishing house and Trakart Cultural Center organizes a series of four open discussions under the title of “The Seven Rays – a Way to Resurrection“.

More than 25 years ago BBC radio announced that scientists found the exact day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and that the date is 8 April. The indisputability of the fact that 8 April is the real date of the Resurrection of Christ has been now confirmed by researchers of church history and this fact is also included in weighty encyclopedias such as A Chronological Encyclopedia of the World.

8 April’17 Holocaust

The pilot project on education and training on Holocaust and Social Justice has been held in Plovdiv from 7 to 10 April 2017.

Training on Social Justice and Holocaust for children was held at 8 April at the Cultural center and Museum Trakart in Plovdiv. Twenty children at age of 10-12 from Stolipinovo neighborhood, pastor Stoyan and his family, together with three young volunteers Teos, Maria and Daniel (at age of 17 and 18) took part at the training on Fundamental Human Rights. During the workshop followed the training “Free and Equal” youth volunteers, Maria and Teos helped Roma children to fill in the questionnaire on their fundamental rights. It was interesting and inspiring to see how children put into practice what they have just learned.  All of them will get certificates for participation from BRIDGES. Very moving and emotional moment for all participants was the film screening of “Korkoro”. Continue reading

7 April ‘17 Exhibition “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”

The exhibition “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” was organized by Interact Club Plovdiv and Rotaract Club Plovdiv – Filipopol where young artists from the city of artists participated with their works  – paintings, drawings and sculpture. The best works were shortlisted by a jury and presented at the official opening of the exhibition on 7 April at Trakart Cultural Center. Continue reading