30 November’17 Premiere of the book THE BOGOMIL ALTERNATIVE by Veselina Vachkova

On 30 November in Cultural Center – Trakart museum, the premiere of the book THE BOGOMIL ALTERNATIVE by Veselina Vachkova was held.

The TANGRA TaNakRa All Bulgarian Foundation and the Centre for Research on the History of Bulgarians have the aim of seeking, publishing and disseminating scientific knowledge, hypotheses, myths and legends connected with the history of the Bulgarian people. The books from the Bulgarian Eternity series are seeking answers to questions concerning the origin and the rich cultural heritage of the Bulgarians in the sphere of the philosophical insight about the world, state systems, social structure, military art, literature, linguistic culture, construction, astronomy and religion, as well as their influence and contribution to world culture. Our aspiration is to impart human and historical self-confidence to the children of Bulgaria, scattered like sand by the vicissitudes of history. Bulgarians can have a much more tangible presence in the integrating world of today. Continue reading

29 November 2017 Premiere of Arena – a book of poetry by Maya Vaptsarova

On 29 November 2017, Trakart Research Center hosted the premiere of Arena – a book of poetry by Maya Vaptsarova.  The book was presented by the journalist, publisher and public figure Ivan Granitski, and the audience was greeted with a musical performance by Prof. Nedyalcho Todorov – violin/viola and Dr. Nadezhda Kuzmanova – piano.

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24 November 2017 60th anniversary and presentation of Vladimir Levchev’s books

Vladimir Levchev celebrated his 60th anniversary at Trakart Cultural Center and Museum by presenting his two new books – Love in the Square (Lyubov na ploshtada) – a book of poems, and The End of an Age (Krayan na edna epoha) –  essays. The event was organized jointly by Janet 45 Publishing House, Ergo Publishing House, and Trakart Cultural Center and Museum.

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23 November 2017 The Direction I Love You in by Lyubka Slavova

Trakart Cultural Center and Museum and Bukvite Foundation presented the new book of poetry called The Direction I Love You in, whose book cover was designed by the artist Stefano Popovski.

Lyubka Slavova was born and lives in Plovdiv. Her first book, the book of poetry called The Dream of the Cloudy Birds (Sanyat na oblachnite pritsi), was published by Bukvite Foundation in May 2014. It was her award in the competition called Love at the End of the Wire 2013.

22 November 2017 The Wine of Sabazios-Zagreus

As part of the program “Gorge of the New Wine”, at Trakart Cultural Center and Museum was shown the film The Wine of Sabazios-Zagreus, which reconstructs an ancient Thracian rite. Wine accompanied the ancient Thracians throughout their whole lives. Wine was used to celebrate the newborn baby and wine was used to send off the deceased to the next world. The film shows a rite performed for fertility and prosperity, which took the form of young girls pressing grapes with their bare feet.

17 November 2017 Children’s Folklore Concert

On 17 November, in Trakart Chamber Hall, we listened to folklore tunes performed by the pupils of Kuklitsi Authentic Folklore Formation from the Center for Support for Personal Development-Municipal Children’s Complex in Plovdiv directed by Violeta Shtereva and Rumen Monev. The festive atmosphere was also enriched by the guests from Sofia – Nusha Vocal Studio, with art director Neli Andreeva.

The audience enjoyed the breath-taking performances of a dance troupe from Trakiyska Mladost Folklore Ensemble in Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School in Plovdiv, with choreographer Gergana Gencheva. Continue reading

16 November 2017 Photographic Exhibition Opening – “Our Year Together”

On 16 November 2017 – the International Day for Tolerance, Trakart Research Center hosted the official opening of a photographic exhibition called “Our Year Together” (Godinata ni zaedno), organized by the ethnic communities in Plovdiv and representatives from Zaedno Foundation. The pictures were exhibited at the four levels of the center and followed the events organized in 2016 and 2017 by the ethnic communities – over 30 exhibitions, music and theme nights, charity events and projects, which have already become part of the cultural life of the city.

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14 November 2017 Musical and Poetic Evening “Poetry not Shot”

On occasion of the 75th anniversary of the death of Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov, Trakart Cultural Center and Museum and P.R. Slaveykov-1908 Community Center organized a musical and poetic evening called “Poetry not Shot”.

Together they all created a celebration honouring one of the most eminent writers who left a bright mark in the Bulgarian literature and history.

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