28th October 2019 The premiere of “Abducted” by Plamen Traykov 

In terms of nature, the novel called “Abducted” is a crime story, but its contents go beyond the boundaries of this genre. The depicted events refer to the present time – 30 years after the Transition, but, through a reminiscence, the so called “goons’ times” are also included. The novel provides an accurate picture of our modern society – still divided into people feeling nostalgic about the past and those who have chosen to focus on the future.   

What is typical of this novel is the rich language that is used in the construction of the entire narrative, the nuances of the characters and so on. There is also mathematical precision of the description, masterly depicted eroticism.   Continue reading

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26th October 2019 A recital entitled “From theory to practice” 

The recital entitled “From theory to practice” was a synergy of the three pianists from Bulgaria and Cyprus. They all are doctors of music art from Prof. Asen Diamandiev Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts. Galina Dimova lives and works in Cyprus as a piano teacher and performer. In this recital, she presented three cycles of the Cyprian composer and pianist Nicolas Ekonomou, which was the sphere of her theoretical study within the period 2014-2017. Velislava Stoyanova performed piano works of N. Stoykov, D. Nenov and F. Say. Prof. Romeo Smilkov presented works from the romanticists Fr. Chopin and F. List. At the end of the piano recital, the three pianists made an interpretation of the play “Nocturne for six hands” by Nikolay Stoykov. This recital was performed in April 2019 before Easter in Limassol and Paphos /Cyprus/ and now, on St. Dimitar’s Day, it was performed in Trakart Chamber Hall, Plovdiv.   Continue reading

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24th October 2019 A concert of Valentina Gyuleva /piano/ and Bozhidar Bratoev /violin/ 

concert of Valentina Gyuleva /piano/ and Bozhidar Bratoev /violin/. 

The programme included the following: 

Ludwig van Beethoven (1170-1827): Sonata in G major No. 8, opus 30 No. 3 

Franz Schubert (1797-1828): Sonata in la major opus 162 

Petko Staynov (1896-1977) – Rachenitsa (from the symphonic poem “Thracian dances”1925) 

Edvard Griev (1843-1907): Sonata in D minor, opus 45/3 

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24th October 2019 Training seminar for museum workers and gallery owners on the subject “Access of visually-impaired people to the historical and cultural heritage” 

On 24.10.2019, a training seminar was held at Trakart Cultural Centre, Archeological Subway in the city of Plovdiv, which was intended for museum workers and gallery owners. Its subject was “Access of visually-impaired people to the historical and cultural heritage” – Module 2, and it was organized by the National Centre for Rehabilitation of Blind People and Trakart under project BG05M9OP001-2.011-0001 “Expanding the activity of the VIP Centre of the National Centre for Rehabilitation of Blind People – Plovdiv”.  Continue reading

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18th October 2019 “Together in the Heart of Lemuria”

On 18th October, Trakart Cultural Centre hosted the presentation of the book “Thelos – awakening of the conscience of the fifth dimension” written by Svidna Tacheva and a lecture on the Lemurian civilization. Dr. Rumen Stoilov also took part in the event with his lecture on the Lemurian civilization.

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12th October 2019 A ceremony for awarding the winners in Dobromir Tonev IX National Poetry Competition

Awards were given to the winners in Dobromir Tonev IX National Poetry Competition for authors under 45 years of age. An official award ceremony held at Trakart Cultural Centre put an end to Dobromir Tonev IX National Poetry Competition for authors under 45 years of age. The organizers of the competition, which is held annually, were the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Writers’ Association – Plovdiv, with the cooperation of Hermes Publishing House, Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, Mrs. Toni Simidchieva, with the media partnership of the Bulgarian National Radio – Radio Plovdiv and BNT 2. The ceremony was hosted by Trakart Cultural Centre – Plovdiv. Continue reading

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11th October 2019 Michael Letchford’s lecture entitled “Boris Hristov in London”

Michael Letchford’s lecture entitled “Boris Hristov in London” met with great success at Trakart Cultural centre on 11th October 2019 at 18.00. In 1967, Michael Letchford joined EMI and over the next 34 years, he had been working on the marketing of classic records for EMI, Decca and, finally, Warner Classics International as a general manager and later as a director and repertoire developer. During the period of time he worked at Warner Classics, he was the executive producer of many records of Jose Carreras, Jose Cura, Sir Andrew Davis, Thomas Hampson, Sharon Kam, Dame Kiri Te Canawa, Sir. Neville Marriner, a choir from New College, Oxford, Ettore Stratta and others. After completing his 35-year career of popularization and participation in the creation of classic records, Michael devoted himself to the study of the life of exceptional singers from the past, whose careers and achievements were lost or neglected in the course of time. Continue reading

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