14 July ’17 Premiere of Rejected by Stella Ilieva

On the hot Friday of 14 July 2017, Trakart Cultural Center in Plovdiv welcomed its guest – the charming Stella, who presented her new book called Rejected (Othvarleni). The hospitality of the hosts was expressed in the full hall of the gallery. The most impatient ones asked for signatures before the event began. The charismatic presence of the author captured the audience, who were charmed by the spirit, energy and magnetism of the young lady. She in turn surprised the guests with a prize draw and gave out a man’s hat, a man’s bag, and a set of book and two mini bottles of imported alcohol. The meeting ended with autographs, pictures and presents for the author who said her goodbyes with the words, “I’ll be leaving as to come back”.

The gallery exhibits selected pictures from the event by the photographer Petar Yordanov.

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11 July ’17 Premiere of Thousands of Years of Hope by Maria Panchovska

Maria Panchovska is a professor of medicine, rheumatologist. She established and has managed the only Bulgarian dispensary for patients with the Sjogren syndrome. She has taught at the Medical University of Plovdiv since 1988.

She is a poetess, who published her poems for the first time as early as her school years. She skillfully combines the humanity of her profession with her interests in the poetic verse-making. Her book called Thousands of Years of Hope (Hilyadoletiya nadezhda) was awarded for her highly successful poetic debut by the organizers of Spirituality without Borders International Poetry Festival.

29 June 2017 Days of the Thracian Culture 2017

For the fifth time, Trakart Cultural Center and Museum organized Days of the Thracian Culture under the title of Music and Words in the period from 29 June to 5 July 2017.

The Days were accompanied by celebrating the 45th anniversary of founding the Institute of Thracology and opening Trakart Research Center.

The celebrations began with the official opening of Trakart Research Center located on 25 Knyaz Aleksandar I Batenberg St, and launching the exhibition of The Heros Remains in Thrace. A theatre production was performed by Group 12+3 –  Thesmophoria by Aristophanes.

The programme included talks by Prof. Ivan Marazov, Ivan Granitski, Prof. Vanya Lozanova, Prof. Dobrin Denev, Georgi Ganetsovski, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kalin Stoev, Rositsa Mitkova, Petar Katsarov, Asst. Prof. Ruzha Popova, Petko Atanasov, Varta Korisyan, and Konstantin Kamenov.

The project was realized in support of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 of Plovdiv Municipality and with the media support of Radio Plovdiv.

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27 June ’17 Premiere of Tsveta Mihaylova’s collection of poetry When the Dream Hurts

Plovdiv hosted the premiere of Tsveta Mihaylova’s collection of poetry When the Dream Hurts (Koga mechtata boli), presented by the literary critic Zdravko Dechev.

When the Dream Hurts is the fourth book of poetry by Tsveta Mihaylova. She has been writing poems since her school days. She is a chemist engineer by profession. Some of her awards include:

  • Nedoizrecheno Literary Competition – 2013
  • Rada Kazaliyska National Literary Competition – 2014
  • National Poetry Competition of Dimitrovgrad Municipality – 2015

Publications: Literary newspapers and magazines, Sadruzhestvo International Literary Almanac.

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24 June ’17 The heartfelt messages of Boris Georgiev in letters and pictures


“I have come to know the vanity in all earthly possessions and the only possible liberation of man  in the awareness of life’s spiritual roots.

The highest and most significant art is found in those constant efforts to bring our consciousness into harmony with the one of the whole humankind, the required work of each link in the big chain, needed in the slow and burdensome but sure construction of the mystical temple where true freedom, love and beauty with unite the human hearts“.

22 June ’17 Light for Dayana Charity Event

On 22.06.2017, TRAKART Cultural Center hosted the presentation of the collection of poems Trails (Pateki) by Daria Maneva.

Students from Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodiy Secondary School of Humanities in Plovdiv took part with their own musical performances.

Dayana Sevova was injured in a severe car crash near the Tunnel in Plovdiv in March 2015. The amount collected from the sale of Daria Maneva’s books were donated for the treatment and rehabilitation procedures of Dayana.

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14 June ’17 Plovdiv Reads 2017

In 2017 was held the 15th edition of PLOVDIV READS 2017 in the period 12-18 June 2017. It was organized by Janet 45 Publishing House (host) in partnership and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Plovdiv Municipality, Ivan Vazov Public Library – Plovdiv, Bulgarian Book Association, Trakart Cultural Center.

In its essence the festival is a celebration of the book and attended by renowned publishing houses from all over the country. During the festival, the city center of Plovdiv turns into an immense open-air book shop and suitable spots host meetings with Bulgarian and foreign writers. Natural professional weight is added to the Festival by the annual National Awards “Hristo G. Danov” in literature, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Culture and Cultural Heritage Directorate with Plovdiv Municipality.

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