13 January’18 Festive Concert of “Amadeus” Music School

On January 13, the Trakart Cultural Center held a festive concert by pupils from the piano class of Zornitza Bozhkova.

With the participation of Ivan Radoynov, Maria Andreeva, Yanitsa Vateva, Velina Vateva, Daria Ruseva, Paula Staykova, Sanaia Bodeva, Gergana Atanasova, Ilian Yordanov, Hristina Yordanova, Teadora Pashova, Nadezhda Milova, Elena Tosheva, Ilian Tiganev.

Program: J.B.Bah, K. Cherny, Parashkev Hadzhiev, film and entertainment music

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21 December 2017 Haiduti Association presented the trailer of Troubled Times

Haiduti Association presented the trailer of Troubled Times (Smutni vremena) at Trakart Cultural Center. The film Troubled Times is based on the Chronicles of Troubled Times – a novel by Vera Mutafchieva.

The Ottoman Empire during the internal and foreign policy crises, where large feudal lords and janissaries oppose the reforms. Riots break out throughout the Empire. The Bulgarian lands suffer devastation from the Kircali raids. The unrest further undermined the pillars of the Empire in its military and economic aspects and Selim III was forced to cancel the reforms. But the ones who suffered most from it all were the civilian Bulgarian population…

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18 December 2017 With Smiles Before Christmas Concert

On 18 December 2017 was held a concert called With Smiles Before Christmas with performаnces by: Children’s Dance School with Hebar Ensemble led by Petya Atanasova

Kitka Children’s Dance Formation with Izgrev Community Center, vill. Graf Ignatievo, with artistic director Zoya Ruskova and assistant director Zlatka Karaboycheva

DUENDЕ Dance Studio led by Ivaylo Ivanov  Violin performances: Neli, Kalina and Lia

Blessings: Ivan Ivanov

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8 December 2017 Premiere of THE SEARCH FOR SPLENDID COINCIDENCES by Penka Kalinkova

THE SEARCH FOR SPLENDID COINCIDENCES. 20 and more love stories for cities and people shows sections of the history of places and people. It is not a tourist guide, although you can find lots of information which will interest a traveler. If you take it as such, you will find it far from exhaustive, and at other times you’ll be bored by the overflow of details. There is no calculation of emotions here but it will be grasped and respected by all who chased by their curiosity and expectations set out on uncharted roads and hoist „scarlet sails” as after Alexander Grin.

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7 December 2017 Opening of “Owls” – an exhibition-collection by Nedyalcho Todorov

On 7 December, Trakart Research center hosted the opening of “Owls” – an exhibition-collection by Prof. Nedyalcho Todorov.

The collection, gathered over the course of several decades, amounts to more than 800 exhibits, made of different materials such as wood, ceramics, stone, bronze, crystal, porcelain, cardboard, canvas, etc. Today’s exhibition presented about 200 of them.

The exhibition was opened by Dr. George Trak and was accompanied by music works by G. Faure, V. Zaimov and V. Abadzhiev performed by Prof. Nedyalcho Todorov – violin/viola, Dr. Nadezhda Kuzmanova – piano, Liliya Ilieva – mezzo-soprano, and Galina Apostolova – piano. Dr. Nadezhda Kuzmanova shared her thoughts about the programme.

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5 December 2017 Premiere of Remember Plovdiv 4

This fourth volume, or at least its first part, is a natural continuation of the previous three volumes of Remember Plovdiv. These are a summarized collection of more than 20 years of memories about people, streets, neighborhoods. The perimeter is to the west of the Glavnata Street: Gyol bahcha, the Triangle, about Ivan Vazov, Veliko Tarnovo and Ruski streets. The storytellers now include Nezabravka from Veliko Tarnovo Street, Dimitar Simidchiev – Semkata and many other elder citizens of the Filibe who entrusted their memories to the author. The faces of hundreds of unforgettable Plovdivians come back to life – from the prominent doctor Professor Andreev to the inn-keeper of the legendary Tihiyat Kat – bai Pesho Papukchiev. From Avram Litman to Milyo, of course.

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