July 5th 2018 Meeting – dialog “For or against the euro”

In recent months Bulgaria’s potential entry into the Euro zone has once again become one of the most discussed topics in the public domain. Our country is obliged to introduce the euro, but there is no exact date. Will our entry into the Euro zone negatively affect our country, the Bulgarian economy and the income of the average Bulgarian? On this topic, Kostadin Kostadinov, Dimitar Nikolov and Lyuben Apostolov talked at the Trakart Cultural Center. The dialogue had the opportunity to include the citizens of Plovdiv, who attended the meeting.   Continue reading

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Plovdiv reads 2018

The sixteenth edition of the Plovdiv Reads Festival took place from 11 to 17 June in Plovdiv. The guests at the ceremony of the official opening of the Ancient Theater on June 12 were welcomed by the Minister of Culture Boil Banov. The prestigious “Orpheus Wreath” awards for excellence in contemporary poetry and “Golden Brush” awards for the best artistic layout of a book were awarded.

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June 8th 2018 Poetic evening with VASSILIY KAZIMIROVSKI

A poetic evening, combining two poetic books – “The Utopian Hunter” and “The Lunar Gospel” of the Plovdiv journalist and writer Krassimir Krivchev. Poetic recitation by the actors Plamen Pavlov and Dimitar Goranov and performances of acoustic guitar: Ioana Tjhilova from the Academy of Music and Theater in Plovdiv.
About the Creativity of Krasimir Krivchev / Vasily Kazimirovski / speaks the literary critic academician Marin Kadiev. Continue reading

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June 7th 2018 – Chamber concert “Myths and Legends” – 18:00 pm

The Myth and Legends concert promotes classical music and classical instruments in an accessible and elegant form. A selection of well-known classic masterpieces and themes were presented by a classical duo composed of: piano and voice.
In the program: P. Vladigerov, L. Pipkov, D. Hristov, P. Hadzhiev, P. Il. Chaykovski, V.A. Mozart and others.

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June 7th 2018 – Open lecture on “The Chinese model and Contemporary Civilization Development “

On June 7th, the Association of Professional Geographers and Regionalists (APGR) and Trakart Cultural Center organized an open lecture on “The Chinese Model and Contemporary Civilization Development. Speaker Prof. Marin Rusev. The lecture is part of the events that were held by APGR during this anniversary year, devoted to:

-150 years since the birth of academician Anastas Ishirkov (1868-1937)

-120 years since the beginning of the higher geographic education in Bulgaria (the first academic lecture on geography at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski )

-100 years since the founding of the Bulgarian Geographic Society.

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June 6th 2018 – Fifth discourse  „THE HEALTH POWER OF FOOD „

On June 6th , a fifth discourse was held organized by the FREE HOLISTIC ACADEMY IN BULGARIA on the topic “The healing power of food” with lecturers: Dr. Galina Arabadzhieva and cheaf Rossen Chakarov.

„Cooking is not a simple act to eat. Food has a spiritual meaning – it is a way of life. We are what we eat. ” Those were one of the lecturer’s first words. Continue reading

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June 2nd 2018 – International Festival of Poetry “Spirituality without Borders”

On June 2nd 2018, at the Trakart Cultural Center, the annual award of the Festival Spirituality without Borders was given to Mira Doichinova – Irini for contribution to spirituality and poetry. The statuette is made by Rangel Stoilov – Bacho.

The evening continued with the premiere of the award-winning first book “Feather of Ancient Silence” by Svetlina Trifonova. The book that contains poetry written over the past six years and a journey into the deep where you once entered, irreversibly and forever – The Way Continues.

The festival expands the spiritual boundaries and horizons of all participants through speech, beauty and harmony. It is a series of cultural events, combined under the title International Festival of Poetry “Spirituality without Borders” with participants from Bulgaria, Poland, England, Ireland and Italy. Especially for the festival is the poemic almanac “If you are looking for love” with 85 poets. Continue reading

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May 31st 2018 – Fourth discourse ” Bulgaria – Bali – the spiritual bridges to the imperishable “

On May 31st a discourse 4 was held, organized by FREE HOLISTIC ACADEMY IN BULGARIA on the topic “Bulgaria – Bali – the Spiritual Bridges to the imperishable “, with the participation of: Dr. Galina Arabadzhieva and Georges Trak.

The guests of the lecture were delighted to enjoy the performances of the singer Denislava Staneva. A young performer whose repertoire includes classic arias and musicals, the romance of the evergreens, the eternal Russian romances, as well as the unforgettable Bulgarian folk songs, all of which make it possible for these performances and in the dance sound.

Piano and violin plays in the musical pauses performed by Stefania Ivanova – violin and Nadezhda Kuzmanova – piano. Continue reading

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