TRAKART Cultural Centre is placed in the Archaeological Subway (Arheologicheski), 80 metres east of Al. Stambolov Square, in the direction of Monday Market (Ponedelnik pazar).

   By train:

   Trakart cultural centre-museum is one kilometer far from the Central Station. You could move fast in a comfortable way by buses, shuttles or taxi, as well as on foot along Ivan Vazov Street, crossing Al. Stambolov Square or along the Central Plovdiv Street, called “Knyaz Alexander Batenberg”, crossing an ancient Roman street – Subway Archaeological.

By public transport:

   You could get the № 26, № 7, № 20 direct buses and the № 2 shuttle and get off at Ponedelnik pazar bus-stop inTsar Boris III Obedinitel Boulevard.

By car and bus:

   The convenient parking places are the parking lot of Monday Market, Reifeisen Bank parking lot, the Trimontsium Hotel parking lot.



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