20 June’19 International festival “Days of the Thracian Culture” 2019

The seventh edition of the International festival “Days of the Thracian Culture”, with official opening at the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv, took place between 20 and 26 June.
The Thracian cultural heritage of our ancestors, carriers of original and remarkable culture and traditions, oblige us not only to discover and admire the achievements of their decorative and artistic traditions but also to promote them in accessible format. Continue reading

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Plovdiv reads 2019

The seventeenth edition of PLOVDIV READS 2019 was held in the period 10-16 June 2019 with literature meetings with writers, translators, artists, readings and authors’ recitals, examples of new books, discussions, exhibitions.
PLOVDIV READS 2019 was organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Plovdiv, National Library “Ivan Vazov” – Plovdiv, Association “Bulgarian Book”.The event was hosted by publishing house “Janet-45”.

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9 June’19 Interactive theatrical performance “Hidden Before the Screen”

The Association “United Professionals for Sustainable Development” presented, on 9 June 2019, at Cultural Center Trakart the interactive theatrical performance “Hidden Before the Screen”.
The performance is based on authors’ texts of the participants.
Director: Lilia Sekova.
The theatrical performance “Hidden Before the Screen” was part of the official program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture and part of the festival program of the project BRIDGE through Art of Association “United Professionals for Sustainable Development”. Continue reading

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7 June’19 Charity concert “GLOBAL FUSION PROJECT” BULGARIA

of  Nikolay Ivanov Om & Petar Iordanov – Bunny


On 7 June /Friday/ at 19:00 h. the charity concert for funds raising in relation to the arrival and participation of the formation from Mali – TROUPE DE RECHERCHE D’ÁNIMATION ET DE COMMUNICATION THÉÂTRALE at the XXV International Folklore Festival Plovdiv 2019 was organized.

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3 June’19 Exhibition “Beyond the Walls”

The new exhibition “Beyond the Walls” of works, made by individuals, imprisoned at Prison of Plovdiv was opened on 3 June.They participated in creative activities as per the project “The Art of Life, through the Life of the Art”, initiated by Association “United Professionals for Sustainable Development”.
The project was part of the program of Plovdiv – European capital of Culture 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC. Continue reading

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31 May’19 International Poetry Festival “Spirituality without Borders”

“Trakart” hosted the “Spirituality without Borders” poetry festival on 31 May and 1 June.
*31.05 – Opening of the International Poetry Festival “SPIRITUALITY WITHOUT BORDERS” – 2019, awarding of the Grand Prize of the Festival, premier of the poetry almanac “Flowers from Angels”, at the great piano – Daniela Marinova, poetry reading.
*01.06 – Evening of the international poetry with premiers of new books by Slavomir Kshishka – Poland and Rosalia Alexandrova – Bulgaria, literature reading, at Research Center TRAKART. Continue reading

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30 May‘ 19 Holiday concert, celebrating 1st June – Children’s Day

A concert, celebrating 1st June – Children’s Day, was organized with a great mood at “Trakart”.With the participation of Andreya Penkovska – piano, Nikol Penkovska – piano, Yavor Gruev – piano, Selestina Topitch – piano and flute, Viktor Valkov – flute, Sari Todorova – flute, Velina Vateva – flute, Andrei Kosev – flute, Nina Mirikang – flute, Anna Bakardzhieva – flute, Ioana Hristova – flute, Yasmin Kasem – flute.

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