14 May’19 Premier of the book “The Stories of the Old Oak. Tales of the Bulgarian Rulers” with author Bogdana Krivoshieva

On 14 May, at 18 hours, the premier of the book “The Stories of the Old Oak.  Tales of the Bulgarian Rulers” with author Bogdana Krivoshieva took place at Cultural Center Trakart.

The author, Bogdana Krivoshieva, makes an attempt to present Bulgarian history as a tale for the past, which, together with emotional charge and interpretations, is close to the information, provided by the sources. Continue reading

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11 May’19 Exhibition opening “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019” of the author Evtim Batchev and holiday concert of Duo “Turtov” at the Iron Church”St. Stefan”, city of Istanbul, Turkey

On 11 May 2019 at 11:00 hours in the crypt of the Iron Church”St. Stefan”, the opening of the exhibition “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019” of the author Evtim Batchev and holiday concert of Duo “Turtov” – Adreana Turtova – violin, Hikolay Turtov – violin and Daniela Stoyanova – piano took place.
The event was also part of the cultural program, organized for an excursion trip to Istanbul by the company “Comfort-S”. Continue reading

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8 May’19 Concert “Folklore Walk”

Lina Matcheva and Nikolina Atanasova of the class of Assoc. Prof. Galia Petrova-Kirkova at Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Artspresented a concert, entitled “Folklore Walk”. 

With the special participation of:Dimitar Arnaudov, Velizar Tsonev, Georgi Dobrev, Kalin Kirkov, Radostin Rusev, Ivelin Bozhanov, Stela Petrova, Aleksander Todorov. 

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3 May’19 Poetic performance “Forgiveness to Bulgaria”

The poetic performance “Forgiveness to Bulgaria”, as per the script of the actor Stefan Popov had a great success.Curator of the evening was the literature critic Ivan Hristov.

The participants in the performance were Stefan Popov – actor and Maria Filipova-Hadzhi – poet and translator.

 Musical performance:Temelko Ivanov – kaval and Radostina Ivanova – violin. Continue reading

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1 May-10 May’19 Bridge-between-cultures

From 1 to 10 May 2019 an inspiring exhibition of 22 professional panels with pictures of the photographs Kalina Borisova and Boris Borisov took place at Cultural center “Trakart”The exhibition “Bridge-Between-Cultures” in Plovdiv was a proof of the beneficial partnership between the different religious communities in the town.

Training and lectures, for young people, dedicated to tolerance under the expert guidance of Father Petar Gramatikov, chief expert on religious matters to Directorate “Social Policy”, Municipality of Plovdiv. Continue reading

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These and many other questions were answered by Svetlozar Gledatchev – financier.
When you know what to expect, you can properly prepare for it.
What is the political future of Bulgaria, Europe, the World?
What is the economical future? Are we going to get poorer or richer?
Is there going to be an inflation and what its rate is going to be? Are their going to be shakes?
What to expect and how to get ready?

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