15 February 2019 Concert “TANGO CATS”

“Tango Cats” was born in 2016 through the love of three Bulgarian musicians to the dance of passion – tango. The project is innovative, but yet, the musicians are trying to present the tango in the most authentic way.

They achieve that goal thanks to the arrangements of MladenTaskov, who is “taming” any style with incredible finesse.
The trio, consisting of OrlinTsvetanov – violin, ZornitsaTsvetanova-piano, MladenTaskov-piano, played musical pieces of Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and Richard Galliano.

Guest musicians and dancers at Trakart were ZhivkoVasilev – kaval and the dancers BojinaAngelova and IliyaTchetrokov of Tango Dj Elias club. Among them were also the musicians Simeon Leonidov (cajón), VasilZlatanov (accordion), VeselinVeseliv-Eko (bass guitar), StoyanYankulov-Stundzhi (drums) etc. Continue reading

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10 February 2019, Return to the Ancient origins – to the portal of Shambhala with Dr. Rumen Stoilov

The travel to Tibet is not only a geographical trip, but also a trip to the Self, bearing spiritual meaning and purpose. This makes such a trip different from any other trips. In order to travel to Tibet, you must have gone through the path within yourself and Tibet decides if you are allowed to set foot at its lands.

For the relations Bulgaria-Tibet and their significance, the determination of the future and the three world energy centers Tibet-Peru-Bulgaria, Dr- Rumen Stoilov – traveler and explorer shared his impression and experiences with the multiple audience at Cultural Center “Trakart”. Continue reading

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08 February 2019 Premiere of the book “Remember Plovdiv 5” of Evgenii Todorov

The journalist Evgenii Todorov asked for history of Plovdiv classes to be included in the curriculum of the schools in the city at the premiere of the fifth volume of “Remember Plovdiv”, organized at the Cultural Center Trakart and gave a sign that maybe this is going to be the last volume. Maybe this is the reason why the subtitle of the book is “Release of the memories”.

 “Plovdiv has its chroniclers and Evgenii Todorov is one of them. The energy from the past goes in the modern man. And namely that energy is collected in the five volumes of “Remember Plovdiv”, said the publisher of the books Stoyo Vartolomeev. Continue reading

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04 February 2019 “Critical psychology of Bulgarian history”

Premiere in Plovdiv of the latest book of Prof. LudmilGeorgiev “Critical psychology of Bulgarian history”. The author and the book were presented by Prof. Ivo Hristov and Prof. AndreyPantev.

“The massive work of Prof. LudmilGeorgiev will last forever! This unusual book exposes our historical being in a different, stunning manner. It will lead us to infinite truths, which we have imagined that we know. Eventually, such thing should have happened!”

Prof. AndreyPantev

“This work of Prof. Georgiev blasting the entire obviousness takes to pieces the Procrustean bed of the ideological interpretations. Merciless in its diagnosis, true to its subject, the book is an expression of great pity, dedication and love to the people, which are drained in history.”

Prof. Ivo Hristov

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25 January 2019, Chamber concert “Music of the Century”, dedicated to the work of the famous Armenian composer Arno Babajanian

The concert was realized with the financial support of Foundation “Together” and was part of the joint cultural program of the ethnic communities with longest history in Plovdiv, organized in 2019. The big audience applauded the artists, who participated in the concert.
DmitriiBiistrii, baritone, winner of Grand Prix and laureate of the Third Balkan Festival of Russian Song.
Svetlana Biistraia, soprano, laureate of the National Festival of Russian Song in Bulgaria.
RuzannaTashtchyan, laureate of the competition “Balkan Romance”, with an award for best concert master, provided royal accompaniment.
The event was present to all citizens of Plovdiv of the ethnic communities, represented in Foundation “Together” Continue reading

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9 January 2019, Evening, dedicated to the 80th years anniversary of Prof. Dr. Stefan Stanev and the presentation of his book “Between Science and Art”

The 80th years anniversary of the famous biologist and holder of the title “Honorary sign of Plovdiv”, Prof. Dr. Stefan Stanev was celebrated at Cultural Center “Trakart”. Guests at the event were many of his friends.

Acad. Marin Kadief presented the book of the honored guest “Between Science and Art” as part of the event. The doyens of the fine arts HristoStefanov, Ivan Kirkov, Rumen Skortchev, SvetlinRusev, IoanLeviev, Dimitar Kirov, GeorgiBojilov and the famous scientists NikolayStoyanov, Ivan Buresh, DimitarVodenitcharov, NikolaiGentchev etc. are part of the characters in the memories of Prof.Stanev.

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December 27th, 2018 – Festive Christmas Concert

ANTOANETA PETROVA (soprano) and IVAN PENEV (piano) performed popular opera arias and plays for piano from the classical repertoire. Accompanist – Ralitsa Boteva.
Antoaneta Petrova graduated from “School for Music and Dance Art” – Dobrin Petkov. Her fantastic altitudes make her a rare voice / dramatic colortur /. In her repertoire, she has lyrical, dramatic, colorature and even mezzo-soprano arias.
IVAN PENEV graduated from the Plovdiv School of Musical and Dance Arts – Dobrin Petkov with a full honors and as a leader of his class. His education continued at the Royal Conservatory in Glasgow, where under Professor Aaron Shore graduated in Bachelor’s (2012) and Master Degrees (2014) in the piano executive department. He is currently pursuing his second year of doctoral degree at London University with Professor Ian Pace.

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