18 March 2019 Opening of an exhibition “Calligraphic-artistic schools and clerical centers”

On 18 March at 18:00 h, at Cultural Center “Trakart” in Plovdiv, as a joint initiative, was opened the exhibition “Calligraphic-artistic schools and clerical centers: Samples of the Slavonic manuscript collection of the National Library in Plovdiv“. The exhibition presented the most significant clerical centers in the period XV-XVIII as well as some of the most famous samples of the manuscript schools in copies, made on vinyl: the Etropole school with Missal of hieromonkDanail; Karlovo-Adjahr school with Priest Iovkov, Pentecostarion of Priest Iovko and Octoechos of StankoGramatik; the Kuklen school with Service Menaion for month of June of KrastionGramatik; the Kotel school with Kotel’s collection, middle of XVI century, Collection of words of Joseph Bradati of the Rila’s school. The exhibition also presented many more samples of clerks and penman of these schools.

In 2018 the exhibition was presented in Helsinki, Finland and Tartu, Estonia, where it acquired great interest.

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8 March Small Spring Concert

The second concert of our cycle SPRING CONCERTS happened on 8 March in “Trakart” hall.The participants in the concert were students of the piano class of Diana Petkova and violin class of Albena Byandova.

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7 March 2019 Concert with Mariana Ilieva and Ivan Kabamitov

The concert of Mariana Ilieva – soprano and Ivan Kabamitov – baritone, with the participation of IlkoVasilev and rock band, that was organized on 7 March at Cultural Center “Trakart” was of great interest to the audience of Plovdiv.

The conferencier Toma Sprostranov presented the performers and popular melodies.
The program included performance of music of the repertoire of Céline Dion, Sarah Brightman, Ricchi e poveri, author’s music of Mariana Ilieva. Continue reading

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24 February 2019 Piano concert – Toni and friends

Piano concert of ANTONIA VELKOVE – 7 years-old of the piano class of Diana Petkova.
Participants in the concert were BoyanSlavov – 6 years-old and BelomiraKoleva – 12 years old of the percussion instruments class of DesislavaGiuzeleva.

The program included performance of works of Glinka, Beethoven, Clementi, Chopin etc.

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15 February 2019 Concert “TANGO CATS”

“Tango Cats” was born in 2016 through the love of three Bulgarian musicians to the dance of passion – tango. The project is innovative, but yet, the musicians are trying to present the tango in the most authentic way.

They achieve that goal thanks to the arrangements of MladenTaskov, who is “taming” any style with incredible finesse.
The trio, consisting of OrlinTsvetanov – violin, ZornitsaTsvetanova-piano, MladenTaskov-piano, played musical pieces of Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and Richard Galliano.

Guest musicians and dancers at Trakart were ZhivkoVasilev – kaval and the dancers BojinaAngelova and IliyaTchetrokov of Tango Dj Elias club. Among them were also the musicians Simeon Leonidov (cajón), VasilZlatanov (accordion), VeselinVeseliv-Eko (bass guitar), StoyanYankulov-Stundzhi (drums) etc. Continue reading

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10 February 2019, Return to the Ancient origins – to the portal of Shambhala with Dr. Rumen Stoilov

The travel to Tibet is not only a geographical trip, but also a trip to the Self, bearing spiritual meaning and purpose. This makes such a trip different from any other trips. In order to travel to Tibet, you must have gone through the path within yourself and Tibet decides if you are allowed to set foot at its lands.

For the relations Bulgaria-Tibet and their significance, the determination of the future and the three world energy centers Tibet-Peru-Bulgaria, Dr- Rumen Stoilov – traveler and explorer shared his impression and experiences with the multiple audience at Cultural Center “Trakart”. Continue reading

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08 February 2019 Premiere of the book “Remember Plovdiv 5” of Evgenii Todorov

The journalist Evgenii Todorov asked for history of Plovdiv classes to be included in the curriculum of the schools in the city at the premiere of the fifth volume of “Remember Plovdiv”, organized at the Cultural Center Trakart and gave a sign that maybe this is going to be the last volume. Maybe this is the reason why the subtitle of the book is “Release of the memories”.

 “Plovdiv has its chroniclers and Evgenii Todorov is one of them. The energy from the past goes in the modern man. And namely that energy is collected in the five volumes of “Remember Plovdiv”, said the publisher of the books Stoyo Vartolomeev. Continue reading

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