These and many other questions were answered by Svetlozar Gledatchev – financier.
When you know what to expect, you can properly prepare for it.
What is the political future of Bulgaria, Europe, the World?
What is the economical future? Are we going to get poorer or richer?
Is there going to be an inflation and what its rate is going to be? Are their going to be shakes?
What to expect and how to get ready?

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19 April 2019 “The CRICKET – Killer of Botev?…” – based on the novel “His beloved” of Neda Antonova

On 19 April 2019 was presented the one-person show “The CRICKET – Killer of Botev?…” – based on the novel “His beloved” of Neda Antonova.
The authors of the performance “The CRICKET – Killer of Botev?…” make a dissection of the time “before and after that”. If there is a sin, the sinner is a captive of the sin for his entire life. He goes back, turns time over and is looking for a support. The surviving combatant of the Botev’s band protects the location, where two branches, tied in a cross, mark the death of the Voivoda. He carries in his soul both the humiliation and suffering during the slavery and after the freedom. Humble, he thinks about the heroism and the political perversions of the time. A live performance in its authenticity between archaism and the modern marks of time. A merciless confession about the truth of a life that was lived Continue reading

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18 April 2019 The luck the cuckoo

“The luck the cuckoo”
The presentation of the author’s project “luck the cuckoo” happened full of very good mood. Zdrava Kamenova presented her most significant book before the audience and Yana Ognianova realized her dreamed first rock concert.
A performance with a lot of humor, music and emotions, which touched the hearts of the audience.

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17 April 2019 Exhibition with pictures of the youth plein air “The Artist”

For third consecutive year, with the support of Rotary club Plovdiv – Puldin, the youth plein air “The Artist” for pupils and students was organized. The forum is a continuation of the traditional international symposium, which for many years was gathering artist in the Old Town of Plovdiv – “Plovdiv – created by the Artist”. For 7 years now, the club is an intermediary of the art in the City of the Seven Hills. During all of the plein airs organized, including this one, the chief leader was the artist Matei Mateev. Continue reading

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16 April 2019 Concert “FROM TOLEDO TO PLOVDIV”

The concert “From Toledo to Plovdiv” happened with a great success. The songs were performed by the actress EVA VOLITSER, accompanied by three musicians: YAVOR ZHELEV – flute, VIDELIN DZHEDZHEV – violin, HRISTO NEITCHEV – acoustic guitar.

The texts of the songs were in Judaeo-Spanish, and before the performance of each one of them, its poetic translation in Bulgaria was read. At special screens were projected pictures of Chagall, Modigliani, El Greco, TsankoLavrenov who were carrying the spiritual richness of the songs and fairy tales, which even today sound in Judaeo-Spanish in Plovdiv.
The project is part of the official program of Plovdiv 2019 European capital of culture and was realized with the financial support of Plovdiv 2019.


Continue reading

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4 April 2018 Ivan Suhivanov in Plovdiv

Publishing house “Janet-45” and Cultural Center “Trakart” organized meeting conversation with Ivan Suhivanov about the book “The style of impossible” and the magazine MORE (SEA).

Ivan Suhivanov was born on 6 September 1961. He has philological education. He is a lecturer at BFE. Since 2009, he works as an editor of the Burgas magazine for literature “More”.
He has published books with poetry, prose and critics. He has compiled several anthologies.
Presentation of the book: Elena Divarova Continue reading

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31 March 2019 AtanasShishkov Guitar Lab – Sunday Guitar Workshop

The guitarist AtanasShishkov and Cultural Center “Trakart” presented the project “AtanasShishkov Guitar Lab – Sunday Guitar Workshop”.
It was a guitar event, based on the principle of open stage, where everybody was able to get on the state, to test a guitar and equipment, to play or just listen to guitar music!

Interesting instruments were presented, different subjects, related to music, and in particular, to the guitar were discussed.
Everybody was free to bring his own instrument, amplifier or other equipment which to be tested and discussed.
Author’s music, covers and jam tracks were performed.

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30 March 2019 Charity Bazaar – Crafts enter in the neighborhood

The project “Crafts enter in the neighborhood”, organized by Metaart Foundation, in partnership of Secondary School “Nikola Vaptsarov” – Plovdiv started on 16 February. In five consecutive Saturday mornings in February and March, the children from the school had the opportunity to participate in many meetings with prominent Bulgarian artists, working in the sphere of applied arts The workshops with strong practical direction and during the work, the pupils made together different artifacts, using techniques, specific for the various styles of the lecturers. Continue reading

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