31st March ’18 Musical and interactive “Harmonization of the worlds” with Nikolay Ivanov – OM

Nikolay Ivanov – OM – keyboards, guitar, vocals, flutes, compositions and the young Petar Yordanov-Bunny from the band “Oratnitsa” – all kinds of percussion instruments were at the Trakart Cultural Center.

The music that they create together is a complicated synthesis of styles with emphasis on the vibration of the individual sound, gravitating from the near-silent energy to the “crescendo.” Seeking their own unique expressiveness, they lead the listener into new dimensions.

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29th March ’18 “Artist diagnosis”- a performance

The performance called “Artist diagnosis” brought a lot of good mood and laughter to the audience. The tireless Georgi Nizamov-Nizama, known mostly from television as a singer, a comedian and an imitation teacher and Hristo Lambrev – a composer, one of the founders of the Signal band, delighted and excited the audience with their acting performance.

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28th March ’18 – A talk with Meik Wiking in Plovdiv

Mike Viking arrived in Bulgaria to reveal the little secrets of happiness that he has gathered from all corners of the world in his books “The Little Book of Hygge” and “The Little Book of Lykke”.

A lot of admirers of Meik Wiking gathered at the Trakart Cultural Centre and became part of an unforgettable evening devoted to happiness and the joy of living. We would like to thank all of you who shared this amazing experience with us.  Continue reading

27th March ’18 Premiere of the book “Subconsciousness, rebirth and levels of conscience” by Valentin Kovachganev

This book is not for everyone. It contains all the truth that not everyone can understand and accept, it kills the weak and helps the seekers find the right way faster.

In this book, the parapsychologist Valentin Kovachganev shares the insights from his journeys as well as the experience gained from encounters with people suffering and seeking. Don’t take anything in this book on trust, doubt it and search. That way you will find your own individual life path.  Continue reading

24th March ’18 Presentation of the book “Stories of wonders”

On 24th March, the presentation of the book “Stories of wonders” by Yordanka Petkova was held at the Trakart Cultural Centre (Archeological subway). There are no fictional stories in this book. Real stories that happened to real people have been collected in this book. As I was reading the amazing stories that Yordanka had collected and kept, I realized deep in my heart that every minute of our lives is a miracle. A miracle that we cannot perceive with our brain and we should not even try to do so.

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19th March ‘18 22 years of memories about Dimcho Pavlov

In memory of the distinguished Plovdiv painter and sculptor Dimcho Pavlov, the Trakart Cultural Centre and the District Administration of Plovdiv organized a special evening “22 years of memories about Dimcho Pavlov” which included a presentation of the book “A saga of Dimcho Pavlov” by Mark Deniz, with the participation of Assoc. Prof. Rumen Zhekov. Memories about the great sculptor were also shared by his colleagues, cultural activists and public figures – Matey Mateev, Tsvyatko Siromashki, Snezhana Furnadzhieva and others.

Works of Ivan Dimov, Gabriel Fore, Antonín Leopold Dvořák were performed by Assoc. Prof. Lilia Ilieva – mezzo-soprano and PhD. Nadezhda Kuzmanova – piano. The moderator of the event was PhD Gerogi Ivanov –George Trak.

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17th March ‘18 – Presentation of the book “Angel” by Petar Petkov

On 17th March, the Trakart Chamber Hall hosted the premiere of the book “Angel” by Petar Petrov which touched so many hearts.

“The topic of the book itself suggested the name Angel – it is full of symbolism. In fact, none of the names has been chosen randomly. The second person with whom Angel communicates most often is called Nadezhda /Hope/ – another symbolic name. The readers will discover the messages by themselves after reading the story and will understand why these names were chosen. I will leave it to them to interpret the roles that the characters are playing”. Petar Petkov

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