15 May ’16 Turtovi Violin Duo Concert

15-05-16-malkaAndreana and Nikolay Turtovi are students of Prof. Nedyalka Simeonova. In their first years after graduating the Conservatory, they worked as concertmasters at Ruse Philharmonic, Plovdiv Philharmonic and Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra. They completed a three-year master class at the Academy of Music in Vienna. For more than 30 years they have been concertmasters at the Theather an der Wien.

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12 May ’16 “Metaphysics of Love and Parting” (Metafizika na lyubovta i razdyalata)

12-05-16-malkaJanet 45 Print and Publishing and Trakart Cultural presented Svetlina Foteva and her new book of poems called Metaphysics of Love and Parting (Metafizika na lyubovta i razdyalata). Svetlina Foteva showed us the hardships of loving someone unconditionally and keep you mind independent at the same time. She delicately moves along the sharp turns of the poetic feeling. Marin Bodakov

11 May ’16 Concert

11-05-16-malkaHow much the desolate spiritual space of Plovdiv missed the gentle romance of mandolin tunes. This delicate sound as if floats from the crystalline murmur of Orpheus’ harp. And here now, after such apostolic organizational and spiritual labour unknown to this city before, with no teachers, methods, instruments and facilities, only a couple of months later, we saw the resurrection of a tender dream, passed forward by the delicate, unlearned fingers of children’s diligence and curiosity, supported by parental trust and the persistence of the enthusiasts of the Plovera programme and the cultural heart of the city – Trakart Center.

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3 May ’16 “The Road to Harmony and Happiness”

3-05-16-afishOn 03.05.16, Trakart Cultural Center held the third talk called The Road to Harmony and Happiness. It is part of the Health, Happiness and Beauty Series, which Dr Galina Arabadzhieva organizes and acquaints us with people knowledgeable and committed to helping the others.
The guest on 3 May was Rozalia Tinkova /Prema Sagar/.
It was an interesting and useful conversation and the people in the audience had the opportunity to hear their questions answered.

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22 April ’16 Land of Anatolia ceramics exhibition

On 22 April 2016, Trakart Cultural Center and Museum launched The Land of Anatolia  ceramics exhibition by Feyhan Bayik /Turkey/. There she presented contemporary ceramics, but also copies from the Museum of Civilizations in Ankara. Among her works were seen Easter eggs, ritual vessels and symbols of various religions as well as a portrait of Ataturk.

 The exhibition was realized with the kind assistance of the Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in Plovdiv and continued until 28 April 2016.

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