4th July 2019 A solo performance of “The angel” ballet of AvataraAyuzo

A solo performance of the ballet “The angel”of AvataraAyuzo was shown at Trakart on the 4th July. The show called “The time, the place and the great loves” was part of the programme of the Chronotope Festival.

The festival (from 1st to 4th July) was held in various spaces of the Old Town of Plovdiv and at Trakart as well. The festival was opened with creative drama sessions – ZlatkaStankova and dance theatre – AvataraAyuzo. The texts of Shakespeare, Cervantes, Yavorov and Fitzgerald were selected in advance and turned into a script by Zlatka Stankova. The committee consisting of: YoanBaldzhiev – music pictures, Diana Cholakova – costume designer, AvataraAyuzo – chorographer, Chloe Hilear – artistic assistant and Zlatka Stankova – director selected the participants in the final performance “The time, the place and the great loves”. The Chronotope Festival featured performances by renowned Bulgarian artists pursuing a career abroad, who had returned to Plovdiv in order to help young talents make “the important first step” to the creative start.

The organizer of the Chronotope Festival is Theatropolis and the partners are: AVA dance company, Katra FM, N and N: the new school; The Old Plovdiv Municipal Institute.

The festival was organized with the financial support of the Municipality of Plovdiv, after winning a project under component 3 “Citizen activeness”.

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