29th July THE DOGONS – The defenders of the Spirit and the Light

A meeting was held at Trakartcentre with our long-anticipated guests from Mali/Africa – the Dogons.The group from Mali called “Tract-Mali” visited Plovdiv at the invitation and with the cooperation of Trakart-2000 Foundation and also at the invitation of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the International Folk Festival Plovdiv 2019.

The Municipality of Plovdiv was the organizer of the event again, as the event itself has become a tradition for the cultural life of Plovdiv and is a real feast for the residents and the guests of the city in the hot summer days. The festival was part of the cultural events calendar of the Municipality. Every year it features folk groups from all over the world whose beauty, talent and good moodturned their performance into an unforgettable festive extravaganza at one of the most emblematic locations – the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv.

The unique collection of masks and sculptures from the country of the Dogons can be seen at Trakart Research Centre, Plovdiv.


The Dogon are a mysterious people. They are sociable, misunderstood and incomprehensible, close and distant. They are a hidden ancient people which doesn’t need any progress. According to Dogon, everything is wise and meaningful, everything is sacred. The sacred beginning is preserved in this people. They have their hidden teachers that they do not talk about. They only believe in their secret legends – legends from the gods. They are a people which knowledge spreads beyond science and the whole of the modern world. The sacred is most important to them. In Dogon’s view, Amma, or abbreviated Am, is God, the only master. Their only purpose in life is to travel to God and the truth. They say: We are here on earth to see our ancient way. Our ancestors come from “The Earth of the White Light”. We breathe God and we do not know any other way to breathe, we breathe Am, i.e. God, and therefore there is no material land for us. We find silence to be spiritual, it doesn’t appear to be shared: you cannot share your silence. According to their ideology, ordinary things are fine realities.

They know that their knowledge comes from the holy Sirius. Otherwise, the Dogon come from Egypt, they are an Egyptian branch and over time they have transferred to several places: Libya, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, etc. They are also a Sudanese tribe. Their language is hidden. They use signs, symbols, and oral legends. They worship the dead as living spiritual powers. They believe that they can attract the pure power of the ancestors by a high sacred respect. The words have an important, deep, mystical meaning to Dogon. Because the right words form the door to the ancient way. The Dogon say life is a movement of energy.

About Ogo, i.e. the devil, they say he has only a partial meaning, not a whole one, and that he is a castaway here on Earth. They say: true life is a conversation with the sacred essence in ourselves, and the fallen life is a conversation between each other. At present, there are some Dogon in which region a war happens, but they are walking completely calm – they live in another dimension, another thinking, another parallel world. They say: disasters teach tough lessons. According to them, purity means to acquire your heart.

A Dogons’ proverb says: “The one who is wrong in the expression, in the words he falls into himself”. Mistakes in understanding weaken life and make it dead. Word is а sacred knowledge. The one who has no word, he does not respect the truth and loses it. Word is the main spirit of man’s life. Truth’s people are the guardians of speech and words. To respect yourself means to protect yourself and the word. The Dogon say: Word forms man. They say that the pure Word forms the pure heart, and the pure Word is the master of destiny. The pure heart lives with the wind, i.e. lives with freedom. And they say: no matter how many times you die, your spirit is eternal. We are all staying beyond the Earth, and here we descend only to worship Am, i.e. God. God is a temple and that is why we are not looking for anything else. Since we have God in ourselves, we become spirits of freedom.


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