24th August 2019 A concert of “Right Here” choir from Germany

The a cappella choir “Right Here” from Germany celebrated its 4th anniversary in the home town of their conductor Vera Georgieva. “Right Here” is a new a cappella pop and rock choir founded in 2015 in the city of Bonn, Germany. It consists of a variety of 50 performers of all age groups. The repertoire of “Right Here” is quite varied. The enjoyment of the audience during the performance of their songs is the reward for their collective work. When asked about the name of the group “Right Here”, the members of the formation give the following answer:

“Do you know about those moments when everything feels “right”? When you have the feeling that right now and right here is where you would like to be, where you belong. Music has the power to give us this feeling. Everything is right, as it should be. This is exactly “Right Here”! The concert was held on 24.08.2019 at Trakart Cultural Centre, Archeological Subway, free entrance (with a request for voluntary donation).

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