18 March 2019 Opening of an exhibition “Calligraphic-artistic schools and clerical centers”

On 18 March at 18:00 h, at Cultural Center “Trakart” in Plovdiv, as a joint initiative, was opened the exhibition “Calligraphic-artistic schools and clerical centers: Samples of the Slavonic manuscript collection of the National Library in Plovdiv“. The exhibition presented the most significant clerical centers in the period XV-XVIII as well as some of the most famous samples of the manuscript schools in copies, made on vinyl: the Etropole school with Missal of hieromonkDanail; Karlovo-Adjahr school with Priest Iovkov, Pentecostarion of Priest Iovko and Octoechos of StankoGramatik; the Kuklen school with Service Menaion for month of June of KrastionGramatik; the Kotel school with Kotel’s collection, middle of XVI century, Collection of words of Joseph Bradati of the Rila’s school. The exhibition also presented many more samples of clerks and penman of these schools.

In 2018 the exhibition was presented in Helsinki, Finland and Tartu, Estonia, where it acquired great interest.

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