15 February 2019 Concert “TANGO CATS”

“Tango Cats” was born in 2016 through the love of three Bulgarian musicians to the dance of passion – tango. The project is innovative, but yet, the musicians are trying to present the tango in the most authentic way.

They achieve that goal thanks to the arrangements of MladenTaskov, who is “taming” any style with incredible finesse.
The trio, consisting of OrlinTsvetanov – violin, ZornitsaTsvetanova-piano, MladenTaskov-piano, played musical pieces of Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel and Richard Galliano.

Guest musicians and dancers at Trakart were ZhivkoVasilev – kaval and the dancers BojinaAngelova and IliyaTchetrokov of Tango Dj Elias club. Among them were also the musicians Simeon Leonidov (cajón), VasilZlatanov (accordion), VeselinVeseliv-Eko (bass guitar), StoyanYankulov-Stundzhi (drums) etc.

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